Why choose Art in Algorithms?

Producing good software is an art. Through Art in Algorithms I want to offer you an affordable and efficient alternative with which you can obtain qualitative software products in a short period.

Programming is my passion. I'm a seasoned programmer, who had his first programming experience at the age of ten on a Commodore 64.

My PhD in mathematics, combined with years of experience in digital signal processing, give you an insurance about my ability to get to the bottom of complex problems and to solve them.

I am the author and maintainer of the firewall application ebtables. This is a product that's integrated in various commercial systems. This publicly accessible software serves as a reference for the software quality that I provide. With me, quality is assured.

As a small company, Art in Algorithms is capable of offering you a very personal service. Solving your problem is central. I'm only satisfied if you're satisfied.

I guarantee sound code development and clear documentation. I aim at delivering the product on time and on budget. No nonsense or politics, but clear agreements that are held.

For a detailed overview of my experience you can read the expertise page.


Multiple services are provided by me:

  • Application design in the programming languages C, C++ and Go.
  • Backend, embedded and systems programming.
  • Proof-of-concept implementations.
  • Algorithm design.
  • Algorithms for digital signal processing.
  • Porting software to embedded platforms.
  • Producing software that's compatible with Linux, Windows and OSX.
  • Code audits, optimization and debugging.
  • Feasibility studies.


It all begins with your first contact with me. Through joint collaboration the desired functionality and conditions are defined, after which I can make an assessment about the needed development time. If the details of the project are well defined before the start, a fixed price can be agreed for the completion of the entire project. It's also possible to work with a starting price for fixed basis functionality, after which functionality extension can be handled separately. Of course it's also possible to opt for an hourly rate. Everything happens through joint negotiation, by mail or telephone.

After the final version of the software is delivered, a month of free support is offered to get you going as fast and efficient as possible.

Preferrably I work off-site. Project based employment as a freelancer in your company is also possible.

Satisfied customers

“Your work has been effective. There were only two misunderstandings of specification, which is difficult to avoid due to the distance factor. It has been very stimulating to see a working proof of concept in a very short time.” Guillermo Ibáñez Fernández, Associate Professor, University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain.

Last modified on 04-09-2020